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Why SEO Rich Brand Name is important?

How much time would have you spent on finalizing your brand name?

1 month, 2 months, 4 months, or like me 6 big months. Yes, I have spent my complete half-year finalizing the brand name on which you are now reading this blog.

Brand names should be unique, should be new, should be attractive, should be frequent, should have fluent pronunciation, and must have the only SEO in the world. Many people do oppose me on this strategy that this does not help your SEO to be unique because no one will search you and you won’t appear anywhere else.

On the contrary, when we have a unique SEO brand name, only we secure the top position in the whole world. Like KFC, Nike, Adidas, Coca-Cola, Nandos, and many other brands out there. Your unicity will always help you to stand out and your SEO will be super easy and open for everyone.

In Dec 2021, I wrote this after that people chose their brand names and now they all are unique, ranked, and searchable in the world.

“Always choose a unique business name before you start any venture. It can be resembling any multinational company which has amazing recognition already but your Business Name (BRAND NAME) should be so unique.
It helps you in getting the highest SEO in no time. Because your uniqueness brings you to the top in every search result.”

Muhammad Ashraf Nasir Saad

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