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So I was questioned a lot after my three big accounts suspension what strategy do you use now for ranking your products?
Here’s my first strategy: Giveaways After the account suspensions we learned the lesson and stopped doing HUMBUG orders anymore on our accounts. Instead, we started using the most organic and amazing method of ranking which is giveaways.

How did we do it? We launch our product and make bundles using all my OSB techniques. You will find all of them in the group and here’s the main part comes where we bleed our very small / supporting product using social media (Facebook groups mainly) by offering them high discounts up to 80% OFF. This greed of 80% off brings you high traffic to your store and you start to grow from the very first day.
We bleed almost 30-100 units of that small / supporting product of the same category to get the traffic on our stores and then sell our organic audience the main product in high profits.

Some Stats: We launched a product with a selling price of 999 having 250 rupees profit per unit and we started bleeding it’s small / supporting product of rupees 20 only. We bleed 100 units of it hardly which makes 2k total bleeding cost and our main 999 rupees product starts generating sales. Meanwhile, to cover this 2k bleeding loss we only sold 8 units of our main product and we came into profits. Now we are selling the same 20 rupees product in 149 rupees and generating profits on that too.

You can also rank your products using this technique and get rid of HUMBUG orders and a few more which I will be sharing soon.

Stay Tuned!
Muhammad Ashraf Nasir Saad

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