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Did You Know Keywords Are King? 😮

In the online world, you can only rely on your KWs to rank high, sell more, be more visible, and stay unique. Be it any platform, Amazon, Etsy, Shoppe, Daraz, Google, YouTube, and more. Similarly, if you wanna compete in the sponsored campaigns, again you need to rank and the King will always be Keywords.

To establish, build, and scale any brand, one needs very in-depth Keyword research. Especially for, Amazon FBA PL PPC and Google PPC.

Follow the few below-mentioned techniques to stand out:

  1. Never fall for the relevant keywords or main keywords only.
  2. These can play an important role to rank your product but, irrelevant keywords, hidden keywords, less relevant keywords, and generic keywords should always be considered too.
  3. Your keyword research should always be so in-depth (whilst hunting or ranking) that you shouldn’t miss any competitor above you. Until then, don’t take a sigh of relief 😉

Muhammad Ashraf Nasir Saad

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