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Did you ever hear about Watermelon Strategy 😒?


You all must have watched the video of the watermelon seller selling watermelon in these 2 packs

  1. 30 rupees each.
  2. and 3 for 100 rupees.

This makes customers think that they can buy 3 at less price than buying a pack of 3 at once.
Watermelon Technique: So, I copied the same technique online by making a variation in the same listing and putting its DP Pack of 3 and FS.
Using this strategy we sold almost 200 units in just 1 month on a new account without any organic or HUMBUG ranking.

Yet, it can’t be applied to all the products as Daraz doesn’t allow us to make a variation in all categories. Now you all help me brainstorm how can we copy and implement the same strategy in the non-variation listing.

Note: High visibility is the purpose here. The more you are able to show your customers your strategy, the more you will win sales over your competitors.

Muhammad Ashraf Nasir Saad

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